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politics and the media are upsetting me. anytime obama/biden say anything the so-called liberal media takes republican charges of what they say as "disgraceful" or "a new low" and smear it all over the front page. but what has the republican campaign really said? fucking nothing. no issues. no substance. they just make dumb ass remarks, and when obama or biden respond to them, the conservative camps go into some retarded finger pointing contest.

where were the NEW LOW headlines from the so-called liberal media when palin outright mocked obama's "community service" in which he fought to help poor people on the south side of chicago for almost 2 years? or where were they during the GOP convention when conservatives wore mock purple heart bandages making fun of kerry's purple heart/issues that were around 4 years ago?

our media in america is anything but liberal. and my faith in this country is so low i can barely stand to think about it. women, if you like palin because she's a woman, you're idiots. men, if you like palin cause she's a gun-toting hottie, you're idiots. if you don't like obama because he's black, you're an idiot.

look at the issues. the real issues. not the "you can't take my gun away" or "you're a baby killer if you support choice" issues. our unemployment rate is in this land of the free is at an all time high, and correspondingly annual salary increases are at an all time low for everyone except the top 5% - CEO's, company presidents, owners and investors, the overwhelmingly rich. the average american can't save money, has large amounts of debt, and can barely afford to send their kids to college. healthcare is ridiculously expensive. most people drive over 20 miles to work at $4 a gallon gas in cars that are lucky to get 18 mpg.

"country first"?

give me a fucking break. the economy, healthcare, and education are issues that affect EVERYONE who has a family in this country, regardless of your religious affiliations. and instead of focusing on the candidates' plans and making voting decisions based on that, we've sunk to the intellectual level of american idol, picking who can sing the best in front of the media judges.
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