Kristen (galactose) wrote,

iPhone question

i've had the same cell phone ringer that i made for myself a long time ago, i love it. how can i get it on my iphone as a ringtone?

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I haven't had a chance to confirm this on Aimee's iPhone, but if I can remember I'll try it tonight. Here's what I've heard is the current procedure:

1) If your ring tone in question is in MP3 format, convert it to AAC. I believe iTunes itself can do this just fine.
2) Use the instructions found at this blog post to modify the metadata of the file accordingly. It'll involve using a command line app called AtomicParsley, which is also linked at the article.
3) Rename the ringtone's extension to .m4r
4) Import this file into iTunes and it should be syncable at that point.

Let me know if that mess works.